The NMFT Moodle training site was originated and is maintained by the instructors of the Northen Monroe Fire Territory.  For questions call the department at (812) 339-1115

    Available courses

    This is the second module of the 4 module state training system.  After completion of this module, you will qualify for Mandatory Firefighter.

    Fire Engineering Module A  is the beginning class for Firefighter training.  This course in conjunction with the Module B course constitutes minimum mandatory fire training per Indiana Code

    NMFT cabinet tests are designed to facilitate scene efficiency by ensuring members are familiar with the location of tools, equipment, and appliances, on NMFT apparatus.

    NMFT utilizes the Indiana University Emergency Medical Transport Protocols.  Both NMFT and IUEMTS share the same medical director. 

    IDHS Driver Operator General Course

    Fire Officer IV is the culmination of the officer training experience.  Essentially collegiate coursework, the goal of this course is to meet the needs of executive level management.  The course is designed to meet the elements of NFPA 1021: Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications, 2014 Edition.  

    Fire Officer IV will emphasize management of fire protection services to include Human Resource Management, Multi-Agency Emergency Service Delivery with Horizontal/Vertical Communication Requirements and Risk Management.  The course includes several group interactive exercises, which will both reinforce the class lectures, as well as meet the job performance requirements as outlined in within the standard.

    Required Text - IFSTA Chief Officer, 3rd. Edition